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Masters Legal Services are a small, friendly legal firm operating from 85 Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen. They also attend fortnightly at the offices of Mike Allan Criminal Defence Solicitors, Byron Square, Aberdeen where they provide legal advice of a civil nature to clients of the firm.

Lin Masters

Lin Masters is the Principal Solicitor and is a graduate of Aberdeen University. She has been a partner for 15 years. Lin is an ex serving member of Her Majesty’s Forces and a one time Brigade Courts Marital Clerk. On leaving the Army she became a civil servant working for MOD (Army) before changing direction and studying law.  She has a sound insight into the way matters are dealt with in the Army and has represented a number of soldiers who have needed legal advice.

Lin Masters has 18 years of legal experience. She has worked in most roles in law including Trainee Solicitor, Assistant Solicitor, Associate Solicitor, Partner and Sole Practitioner. She also has experience as a Military Courts Martial Clerk.  She has a sound understanding of the rules and practices of the Scottish Legal Aid Board and how that impacts upon solicitors and client.

Lin's husband John (now deceased) was a Helicopter Pilot who flew on the North Sea. She has one daughter who is a Psychiatric Nurse.  

Lin has been appointed as a Safeguarder and Legal Representative to children. She also prepares reports for the Court about residence and contact issues. She has successfully completed  the Family Law Mediation course run by the Law Society of Scotland.

Lin has many years experience in representation of persons suffering with Mental Health problems and routinely appears at Mental Health Tribunals on behalf of clients.  She offers a comprehensive service to those in Hospital and the Community and provides advice, support and liaison with the Mental Welfare Commission, when appropriate, on behalf of her clients. Legal Aid is usually available for such cases and upon contacting Lin an assessment will be made on line to ascertain quickly a persons legal aid position.  

Services also provided are applications for Guardianship (where appropriate) and Powers of Attorney.

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